Wednesday, February 20, 2013


InterPlay meets monthly
St Johns Lutheran Church Hall
16 Aberdeen Street
Perth WA

Next meeting 6.30 - 8.30 Wednesday 27 March 2013

Contact: Janet 0412 223 469 or email


Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Dance of Life

Jeane Myers  is a favourite artist of mine. Probably because I am trying to achieve similar results as her in my own artwork. Her statement about her work struck a chord in me. It was as though I was reading about the movements within InterPlay and Improvised Dance. It reminded me how interconnected my experience of dance and movement are with how I paint.  Abstract or impressionistic dancing figures often appear in my artwork.
At present my work reflects two ideas - points of connection and mapping. 'Points of connection' are created by the everyday momentary connections we make such as hands touching, whispers in the ear, stepping into a hot bath, first taste of our favorite food, etc. Each moment causes a sensation and then passes. Much of my work is about that moment of contact.

Mapping is about my love of the idea of connecting the dots in our lives. All the lines intersecting and then the path veers, loops, ends, starts again somewhere else. We go forward and backward, we stand still, we sink, we stumble, we fall, - this action or lack of it, intrigues me. These two interests drive my current work.

Jeane Myers 2012

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Found this post in my drafts. Not sure if it was published but I want to keep it for the record so I'll post it today!

5th January 2013

Wow! It took only 5 days back from holidays and I had an overwhelming feeling that my head was about to explode.

Then followed a continuing stream of physical ailments from dental trauma to an irritating cough that interrupted every second word I said. Now 3 weeks later I am finding my feet again...

I have just come to the end of a life transforming four day contact Improvisation dance retreat. My first ever!
It has been strenuous taking the full weight of other bodies, learning to roll and spiral and balance and lean.
I haven't done a somersault or handstand in 40 years so I was really stretching myself.
We were right by the beach and we shared morning and evening meditations and swimming.
The 30 people attending were such lovely people to be around, open, playful, interesting, having a connection to the earth and to God.

 I came away feeling exhausted but with a renewed strength and resilience in body.

A Different Focus

It seems over the latter years I have spent much time and energy on strengthening my emotional and spiritual life and less time and energy on caring for my physical body.

After all my drama with my failed attempt at the 'couch to 5k run' which led to hundreds of dollars on x-rays, physiotherapy and acupuncture to fix up the damage that would return soon as I started to exercise again. I put on an extra couple of kilo's and sunk into an attitude of post-menopausal post fifty-four, past use-by date depression.

Thank God for the recent dance retreat I participated in, where I proved to myself that I am strong and resilient. Thank God too, for the joy in finding a fantastic, inexpensive, well qualified, beautiful person/fitness instructor who is taking me through a rehabilitation program to get all my muscles and joints back in alignment and strengthened so I can eventually jog without pain. I'm seeing positive results already. Best of all, in the summer these sessions are conducted just a short walk down the road from my place in a beautiful park shaded with trees.

I am taking time out to swim regularly. I also attend a Contact Improvisation dance twice a week that is incredibly strengthening while at the same time having so much fun. InterPlay continues once a month but I find when I am leading I don't get as much movement in as those participating.

I'm finding it helpful to tell myself "My body is strong" or "I have the strength " instead of all the negative stuff I was telling myself around my fitness.. I try to stand taller and allow my inner core to stabilise me rather than collapsing into myself and moaning. Anyway, it is hard work but I am happy with the activities I'm doing and I am bound to see some long term changes for the better.