Monday, September 16, 2013

InterPlay at YouthCare Staff Retreat

It was great to lead two separate groups of 10 participants in InterPlay on a Retreat near the town of Rockingham.  The largest groups I've ever taught for InterPlay in WA and a good mix of male-female attendees.

This group was one off but I am praying for a regular monthly group to start up and continue growing from there. I could only offer the group a taste of InterPlay in a 45min session!

I forgot to hand out evaluation forms, stupid mistake, and all the information that I printed up to hand out, all came back home with me!
From the verbal feedback (that I remember at least) they said they loved it so much and wanted to know where they could they go to learn more! No!... not really. That's just me dreaming!

One of the youth leaders who works in Esperance (8hrs away) said she would like to learn more so I will need to get onto my mentor about that. A number of participants commented on how they went back to their childhood while moving, where they felt free to play and dance and make a noise! One male was really touched when he thought of his loved ones as we lay down on the floor and did a ONE HAND SOLO dance on behalf of a loved one. Some had never thought to put some music on, lay down and dance with one hand. We had some fun with an exercise in collaboration - THE CIRCLE STORY. I appreciated another man who was a natural at GIBBERISH and I was able to translate his made up story. We had some playful fun in a wonderful venue. A chance to access our own body wisdom through movement, play, and non -verbal connection.

Thank you to my friend Pam for organising the two groups and thank you to each participant for dipping your toes into the wonderful world of INTERPLAY.