Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Starting up InterPlay in Midland

Found out this week that the board for InterPlay Australia Inc. approved $500 to fund my regional new initiative with DADAA an established group, who provide access to arts and culture for people with disability or a mental illness. 

 I am very excited to be leading this project and the fact that I have a beautiful space provided by DADAA in Midland to teach in and about 10 participants will be selected by DADAA to attend. I will teach a 2hr x 8 wk Introduction to Interplay working incrementally through the forms and tools that make up InterPlay. My goal is that the participants will become a cohesive group, become a little more active, and enjoy simply playing with improvised movement, story telling, singing and stillness that make up the sessions.

I have no idea how these participants will respond but I hope and pray that they will benefit and get great enjoyment from it, so much as they will want to continue after the 8 week course. That would be very satisfying to me but we'll just have to see!