Wednesday, November 27, 2013

InterPlay with a group of fabulous kids in Beverley

While artist-in-residence at Beverley WA I did an InterPlay Workshop for the kids. I really enjoyed and they were so responsive. I will definitely be planning more of these!

This one is  'shape and stillness'  on a very hot day!

A 'one hand solo dance' in honour of their Mums.

Using two hand dancing and making connections.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

InterPlay 4 Kids Coming Soon!

So far we only had four kids booked in for todays workshop and the organisers were apologising to me for so few attendees. Then there were eight. That was okay as I had 12 candles. The workshop was set to start at 12:30 today.  By 11.o'clock the numbers had doubled to sixteen children, aged from 3-11. I needed to buy more supplies quickly. All the shops in Beverley close at 12:30! I think I also needed a stiff drink!

I used teach kids everyday but I took a break because I wasn't giving any of my own creative work the time and attention it needed so, as you can imagine I was a bit anxious about today. So anxious I gobbled down some nuts for lunch and gave myself a bad stomach cramp. I decided I was being stupid getting all wound up, so I spent about 10 min in prayer just letting all my anxiety go.  I was organised, so all I needed to do now was enjoy myself and that I did! I have to say, I think I had the 16 most beautiful kids in the world. Thank you God! They were just gorgeous and a real pleasure to teach. Their parents can be very proud!

We started off with an hour of InterPlay on the Beverley Platform which is actually a performance stage. perfect! Also, it was still in the shade. 30 degrees in the midday sun in Beverley is not very comfortable. This was a first for me. I had never done InterPlay with kids before, except a little with my three grandchildren.So this was a new experience for me. Oh! my goodness. I have been missing out! They were so responsive and creative and really got into it. With my adults there are so many layers to sift through before I can tap into the playful, creative and free spirited inner child. I know it took me a long time when I first started InterPlay, but wow-with these kids it was right there. I had so much fun leading them. I realised then and there, I must seriously look into offering InterPlay 4 Kids. Maybe that's why I haven't been able to get any adults involved on a regular basis- I'm meant to be teaching children! Anyway I'll look into finding a venue and planning something in the New Year. I couldn't take any photos of the InterPlay session because I was too busy leading but my friend Jenny was clicking away and I can't wait to see some of the action shots of those inspiring kids! I'll post them soon.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

InterPlay Leaders Gathering 2013 in Melbourne


                                              A wonderful group of human be-comings! 

As always with InterPlay, this weekend was full of creative, stimulating, thought provoking, listening, communicating,energy filled, peace filled, connecting, re-connecting, skin-on-skin, huggy, snugly, strengthening, mind expanding, heart-felt, I am enough, belly aching laughter, knowing, remembering, child-like, reflective, interactive, gathering, holding, honouring, acknowledging, caring, loving, tummy-filling-with-tasty-food, grass -between the toes, sun-on-skin, stretching within, resting and stillness and so many more delicious moments that it is impossible to name them all here!

Thank you to all who made the weekend happen. Thank you for offering so much stillness. She is crying out in this busy, fast paced, stress-filled, mixed up, muddled up world in which we live. It was soul-satisfying to come home to stillness in our heart, mind and most importantly our too often neglected body. have done it again!