Thursday, August 22, 2013

Contact Improvisation Workshops


October 27th 

9-3pm/ $60 

Chrissie Parrots Arts (CPA)

 Please register via email to secure your spot.

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Workshop description: 'Momentum and Dynamic' 

We see amazing CI dances, wild and quick, bodies flying through all levels. One base for these kind of dances is the precision and commitment in the physical touch. Slowlyness, trust and the ability to listen is the starting point for eventually higher speeds. We will work on elasticity in the touch, in the connections within the body and between the two bodies sharing the dance. This will enable us to communicate changes of speed and direction in (almost) any moment with an inner sense of calmness and ease. From there acceleration is just a tiny step - slowing down is the bigger one. 
On an anatomical level we will focus on the myo-fascia web and the joints. 

*A basic understanding of CI is extremely helpful to follow this workshop. 

Underscore Practice: September 14th 

The Underscore is a framework that guides movers through many phases of physical and metaphorical states, internal and external, from slow and introspective to energetic and wild. This sharing is considered to be a combination of serious play and/or embodied critical thought.

We (try) to hold an underscore every (seems to be second) month.

King Street Art Centre (KSAC) Studio 3

10-1pm / $10

We ask for committment to the full 3 hour practice.

Enquires about the underscore please contact Fuchsia or myself

Sunday, August 4, 2013

InterPlay and a Cup of Tea!

InterPlay goes ahead at DADAA in Midland. DADAA works across Western Australia  to enhance the social inclusion and wellbeing of people with disability or mental illness through participation in the arts.

We have had an introduction session and we are about to go into our second week of the term. 
With this group I am taking a very different approach to a regular InterPlay group, not that any InterPlay groups are 'regular'. We take it very slowly, with plenty of simple, repetitive movements and instructions. It is a joy to see the participants follow some of my movements and improvise some of their own. It is good to see these participants having fun and laughing. I am challenged as never before to be flexible with what I have planned while continually adjusting and improvising to match the abilities and confidence of the participants. I am really enjoying our cup of tea stop for 15 mins in the middle of our two hour session...that's different!

We are all different shapes and sizes and abilities at our InterPlay groups. 
These are little figurines and critters that I'm collecting from second hand stores for Sand Play Therapy. 

Your Body Knows What It Needs

We are stiff and breathless 
Everyday we sacrifice our body 
to the exploits of the mind and work
Let us relax and let our muscles soften
from the holding pattern

Simple movements clear away the mental clutter
help you to feel more present 
in the here and now
More relaxed
more peaceful and lighter
Creaky bones moisten into languid expressions
small breaths get deeper
Your body knows what it needs
Excerpts from 'The Art of Dance as a Spiritual Practice' by Cynthia Winton - Henry