Saturday, April 27, 2013

Body Tales

I just discovered 'Body Tales' on the web. Very much like InterPlay.

— Olivia Corson, Body Tales founder says:

    "With humans, stories matter. Stories weave the fabric, sometimes whole, sometimes torn, of every family and culture. When we move and speak our embodied stories, and they are received and valued, we reclaim our humanity."

More about Olivia Corson

Friday, April 5, 2013

Developing New Initiatives for InterPlay

I have been really-really busy these last few weeks, approaching as many groups as I can with the offer of an InterPlay project as a new initiative funded by InterPlay Australia. The deadline was today but it had been extended for another week so I was hoping I would hear back from an interested party soon.

Just today DADAA Inc. ( Providing access to arts and culture for people with disability or a mental illness) contacted me to say they are very interested. Yaay! I had a little dance around the room before I knuckled down at the computer to put together a proposal for the Board of InterPlay Australia Inc. and now I await notification from the Secretary of the Board about the outcome of my application.

I will be so happy if I am successful with this application as the funds will give me the opportunity to work with groups of adults with a mental illness, physical and intellectual disabilities, Aquired Brain Injury and/or who are aged. They will be mixed gender, age, ethnicity and social background. These people would not usually be exposed to InterPlay out in the community. 
After my fitness training this morning, I have been on the computer all day today I feel nothing like a 'movement artist' and more like a...let me see...a heavy, stiff, creaking old door. That's the best image I can muster up at the end of the day!

I'll get back to this my dreams!

DADAA works across Western Australia  to enhance the social inclusion and wellbeing of people with disability or mental illness through participation in the arts.

Community arts and cultural development (CACD) is a model of arts and health that aims to facilitate the social inclusion of people living with a disability or a mental illness, or who experience other forms of social, political or economic disadvantage. 

DADAA works through a model of local and cross-sector partnerships that bring arts and health together in a way that effectively responds to the needs of communities. DADAA also works actively in state and national audience development, disability advocacy, and research and evaluation.